São Paulo, Brazil

From May 2nd to May 4th, 2010 the City of São Paulo hosted a capacity building workshop at the city hall in collaboration with CFCB and C40/ARUP UrbanLife. The main objectives of the two-day workshop were to:

  • provide an introduction to carbon finance instruments and an overview of carbon finance opportunities in the context of urban infrastructure and services development;
  • review challenges and options for waste management, in particular in poor communities (facilitated by C40|Arup); 
  • and foster discussions across sectors on select carbon finance program ideas, particularly on how to integrate carbon revenues into waste management programs in poor communities.

The CFCB São Paulo project supports one of the five areas of the Bank’s technical assistance umbrella program “Green City Development in Brazil”, namely the area related to technical assistance for developing an action plan for climate change.

Additional CFCB meetings with the city led to the following two outcomes:

  • 1. A CFCB pilot project on sustainable solid waste management in the two favelas: Heliopolis and Paraisopolis with the contribution of potential Carbon and Climate Finance to be developed based on a feasibility study.
  • 2. High-level city officials will evaluate the best location and integration of a Carbon and Climate Finance knowledge hub within the city's structure. On the project level a local pilot project management team is set up and the city will provide a champion.

Moving forward, the CFCB will work with the city of Sao Paulo to hire a local implementation partner (LIP), which can work closely with the city and facilitate movement in the identified pilot projects which will both be featured and presented at the C40 Summit in Sao Paulo in June 2010.


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